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Leader in mechanical devices for the growing aerospace industry

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Leader in mechanical devices for the growing marine industry

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Leader in high-end custom latches, interior decorative hardware, and trim

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New Antimicrobial coating available


Our core products

At Sealth Aero Marine we manufacture thousands of standard configuration products designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements of our customers. This ensures a rapid and responsive manufacturing process.

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Who We Are

Sealth Aero Marine designs and manufactures an extensive range of Latches, Bolting Systems, Hinges and Many other Precision Components.

The Original SAM Bolt system offers advantages over other conventional latching systems.

Our products are widely used in multiple industries to include Aerospace (Private and Commercial), Military, Marine, and Space applications.


Sealth Aero marine Services

Sealth Aero Marine currently provides high quality custom devices for Aerospace, Marine, and other transportation industries


Sealth Aero Marine has a full-service Engineering Department that will work with you to create unique products to meet and exceed your expectations.


Sealth Aero Marine products are offered in a variety of decorative finishes and coatings.

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Sealth Aero Marine is proud to offer any quote for products, aftermarket, spares, OEM.

Private & Commercial Business

Sealth products take to the skies alongside the most advanced and innovative aerospace designs. From strong and durable applications for commercial airlines, to the gorgeously finished custom designs required for the most luxurious yachts and private jets.

Our components proudly live up to sky-high standards.

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