Can Sealth Aero Marine provide PMA / 8130 tags?

Yes, on qualified product. Contact Sales for further details.
Phone: 425-481-0727 Email: sales@sealth.com

Can Sealth Aero Marine ship internationally?

Yes, we ship Worldwide.

Is Sealth Aero Marine a Part 145 repair station?

No, Sealth Aero Marine does not repair product, however we are the OEM and can replace product as needed.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept credit card payments by request. Credit card payments will incur a 3% processing fee.

Is AOG available?

Our distributer Stealth Aerospace offers 24 hours a day AOG service.
Phone: 818-716-5696 Email: sales@stealthaerospace.com

Sealth Aero Marine may be able to support AOG upon request

Does Sealth Aero Marine offer prototyping services?

Yes, Sealth Aero Marine offers prototyping to fit your needs and requirements.

What is your Lead time?

Typical lead time is 14-16 weeks; however, it may be reduced based on product availability.
New Product lead time may be increased depending on complexity of requirements

Can I receive a pricing list of your catalog items?

Due to our vast number of products and configurations please contact Sales for product pricing
Phone: 425-481-0727 Email: sales@sealth.com

Are quantity discounts available?

Discounts may be offered on larger quantities.

Does Sealth Aero Marine offer blanket purchase orders?

Yes, we offer blanket purchase orders, some restrictions/terms may apply.

Can I receive first article and certification packages with my product?

Yes, AS9102 FAIR’s are offered for an additional fee.

Is there a minimum purchase order requirement?

Yes, a minimum is required, please contact sales for exact minimums regarding quantities and price.
Phone: 425-481-0727 Email: sales@sealth.com

Are expedites available for product?

Yes, Sealth Aero Marine offers expediting. Additional fees may be required.

Is there a warranty for Sealth Aero Marine products?

Please refer to Sealth Aero Marine’s Warranty Statement